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He must feel that I listen unconditionally, without offending me, without shocking me, without annoying me, without getting tired. This listening is what the Lord exercises when he begins to walk alongside the disciples of Emmaus and accompanies them for a long time on a path that went in the opposite direction to the correct direction (cf. Lk 24,13-35). When Jesus makes the move to move on because they have arrived at his house, there they understand that he had given them his time, and then they give him theirs, offering him accommodation. This attentive and disinterested listening indicates the value that the other person has for us, beyond their ideas and their life choices.

293. The second sensitivity or attention is discerning. It is about catching the right point where grace or temptation is discerned. Because sometimes the things that cross our minds are just temptations that keep us from our true path. Here I need to ask myself what exactly that person is telling me, what he wants to tell me, what he wants me to understand about what is happening to him. They are questions that help to understand where the arguments that move the other are strung and to feel the weight and rhythm of their affections influenced by this logic. This listening is aimed at discerning the saving words of the good Spirit, who proposes to us the truth of the Lord, but also the traps of the evil spirit – its fallacies and its seductions. You have to have the courage, love and delicacy necessary to help the other to recognize the truth and the deceptions or excuses.

294. The third sensitivity or attention is inclined to listen to the impulses that the other experiences “forward.” It is the deep listening of “where the other really wants to go”. Beyond what you feel and think in the present and what you have done in the past, your attention is focused on what you want to be. Sometimes this implies that the person does not look so much at what he likes, his superficial desires, but what pleases the Lord the most, his project for his own life that is expressed in an inclination of the heart, beyond the shell of tastes and feelings. This listening is attention to the ultimate intention, which is what ultimately decides life, because there is Someone like Jesus who understands and values ​​this ultimate intention of the heart. That is why He is always ready to help each one to recognize her, and for this it is enough for someone to say: “Lord, save me! Have mercy on me! “

296. Therefore, when you listen to another in this way, at some point you have to disappear to let him follow that path that he has discovered. It is to disappear as the Lord disappears from the sight of his disciples and leaves them alone with the ardor of the heart that becomes an irresistible impulse to set out (cf. Lk 24,31-33). On their return to the community, the Emmaus disciples will receive confirmation that the Lord has truly risen (cf. Lk 24,34).

298. But to accompany others on this path, you first need to get into the habit of walking it yourself. Maria did, facing her questions and her own difficulties when she was very young. May she renew your youth with the strength of her prayer and always accompany you with her presence as a Mother.

Loreto, next to the Sanctuary of the Holy House, March 25, Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, of the year 2019, seventh of pontificate

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